Get More Clients and Multiply Your Business

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get more clientsGet more clients and multiply your business by having a strategy. If you have spent any time at all on my blog reading my articles you already know the 10 Step Process to getting more clients and growing your business.

To Get More Clients Adapt to a Process in Your Business

I don’t even like to say the word process, so I know that people hate reading it. You hear the word process and automatically a negative feeling comes up that associates it to an action from the corporate world – which is something maybe you tried to escape.

The reason I know this is because it hits home with me in a very real way. My first attempt at escape from corporate America to be an entrepreneur failed miserably despite the fact that I worked grueling hours and gave it everything I had. I realized after that the reason I failed was because I didn’t have a system, I didn’t have a process.

To Get More Clients You’ll Need a Map

If you were going on a trip and you didn’t know how to get to your destination you would pull out your GPS and navigate a route.

Think of your business in this way – if you are unsure about how to create the profitability that you need, you will need to create a plan, you’ll need to navigate a route.

So many entrepreneurs just scatter around in their business like the ants you see in one of those plastic ant farms you can buy in the store. At some point you will need to make a decision to stop scurrying around, take a deep breath in, roll up your sleeves, and do what it really takes to make this thing work.

 The Ugly Truth

I have a few entrepreneurs that will download absolutely everything I write and do. I’m very thankful to have such engaged followers. But I however, am a curious creature. I can look at some of their websites and see that they don’t have it together so well – then I have that little feeling in the pit of my stomach because they’re like I was.

What I mean by saying they were like me is either one they are downloading all this information and not actually executing it or two don’t want to make a real investment in their business. They know that I’m an entrepreneur mentor and if they really wanted to make it work they would reach out to me instead of just reading my articles. I just hate to see people do things the hard way. 

Take The Entrepreneurial Leap

Then there are those that will finally come to the point – like I did – and they will say “okay game-on“. Let’s do this thing for real!

A few that I have worked with will even say to me, “why didn’t I come to you a year ago!”. I tell them it’s just a part of the process that you have to go through. To make personal sense of it I just relate it to my adult kids. I can tell them all day long, don’t do this it won’t work, or don’t do that. Truth of the matter is they are going to do it anyway just to find out for themselves it won’t work. That’s just part of the human condition – it’s how we learn. It’s like my Papa always said, “Sometimes we have to touch the  hot eye on the stove a few times to figure out that it burns if we touch it“. That is true for every human being – even adults.

Bottom line is this – just make sure you don’t have to touch the eye on the hot stove too many times before you finally figure out that it’s hot. :-)

For more reading check out an article I wrote for the Huffington Post - Get Clients by Targeting – 3 Steps.

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To Get Clients – Talk Their Language

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get clientsTo get clients you have to listen to what they need and talk their language.

A mere few years ago the average attention span of an adult was 13 minutes. It’s now 9 seconds.

Needless to say, nowadays we have many obstacles when it comes to creating a successful business.  Knowing how to communicate effectively in a world of very loud chatter is crucial. How will you stand out? How will you get your prospects attention?

You listen. That’s how you’re effective in today’s world – you listen to your ideal client and let them tell you what they need.

Successful Entrepreneurs Take Action

When you see that something isn’t working – IMMEDIATELY address it.  If you don’t immediately address something that isn’t working in your business you lose income. You lose opportunities.

Many entrepreneurs I see are far too passive in their businesses – they wait to see what happens. They read tons of information they never execute. They let their competitors take opportunities away.

Recently, I wrote what in my humble opinion is one of the best eBooks I have ever written. In this eBook I disclosed the proprietary 10-step system I use in my own business with my private clients. Let me say, it’s great information! The book was called 10 Steps to the Business of Your Dreams – which I felt was very appropriate since this strategy gave me the business of my dreams.

Well here’s the thing…. I got it all loaded up and then put out the proper signals that let people know I had a new eBook to download. After couple of days it was probably downloaded 7 or 8 times. Just so you know that number is very low.

Strategically Come Up With a Solution

So on the third day I knew we had a problem, I had named the book incorrectly. The product was great I knew that – I had to take action. What to name the eBook? Here’s what I did – I went back through all  my top email newsletters that had very high opens, I also looked back through my most popular articles. I found a common denominator in my readership – articles that contained the word profitability.

Just so happens the eBook was infact a guide to profitability for entrepreneurs, so I changed it to 10 Steps to Profitability. The title was still true and served the book well.

After 1 hour of the book being uploaded and then sending out the signals within one hour it was downloaded 27 times.

So the marketing lessons here are:

  • Know your marketing well enough to KNOW what to expect as a result from something you promote so you know when it isn’t working.
  • Learn how to reach your target market. Put in the time it takes through trial and error.
  • Market to your audience often so you have receive the data that tells you what they respond to.
  • When you see something isn’t working – take action immediately to correct it and make it work. Waiting costs money.

When you put effort into marketing and you don’t get the results you wanted, what do you do about it?


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