Power Words Get Your Prospect’s Attention

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Do you feel like your prospects are ignoring your marketing messages?

You may be right.

Question – When you’re reading something – do you just graze over it or give your full attention? If you said graze over – guess what…other people do the exact same thing. So what makes you think other people are going to stand still and read what you have to say when you don’t do it yourself?

Here’s the problem, the way we communicate has substantially changed – yet the way many entrepreneurs market their businesses hasn’t changed at all. As a result, reaching a target market is getting harder – and it’s only going to get worse.

People have information thrown at them constantly all day long. We’re constantly connected.

Guess what this has caused? We’re numb to the noise. Not only that but we ALL have A.D.D.!

We’ve developed 8-second attention spans!

Social media has made us LAZY. We don’t put as much effort into communicating and connecting as we use to because all we have to do is type 140 characters on Twitter and – check please! 

 The way we communicate has substantially changed – yet the way many entrepreneurs market their businesses hasn’t changed at all. As a result, reaching a target market is getting harder.

Using Power Words to Market Effectively

You need to try a little harder if you’re going to actually reach people. You need to talk THEIR language. This will actually set you apart and get you noticed. Don’t worry about competition because most people are just throwing spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks anyway.

Marketing today is a challenge – which is why identifying your ideal client or target market is even more crucial than ever. If you’re marketing in generic terms – it’s especially going to be tough for you. However, if you can target your prospect and really close in on their needs then you can be very specific with your marketing. You want to aim your marketing efforts right at your target! BULLSEYE!

To get the attention of your target market you will need to use power words in your marketing messages. TWEET THIS!

Power words will get someone to sit up and take notice. The reason being, power words are going to be automatically aimed at what THEY want.

Convenient. Achieve. Critical. Easy. Now. Proven. Fast.

You get it right?

So when you’re writing your marketing messages instead of saying something like this -

“Our weight loss product is better than anything on the market, please try it.”

Try this instead –

“Drop 10 lb. and be in your skinny jeans FAST with our convenient and proven weight loss methods.”

Do you see the difference in the two marketing statements?

The first marketing message is self-indulgent. However, the second is focused on the reader and has a very specific outcome. The outcome your target market desires.

power wordsYour marketing messages needs to be focused on the needs of your ideal client, not yours.  Always remember, it’s never about what you need to sell, it’s about what your ideal client needs to buy. As a result, your marketing messages should always be crafted to meet the needs of your ideal client. This is how you will get their attention.

However, all that being said, you should be careful not to over use power words or be dishonest in your statements.

Make sure that your statements are true and authentic otherwise you won’t build trust with your audience.

Here’s a list of the top 50 power words that sell:

Absolutely – Accomplish – Achieve – Benefit – Best – Clear-cut – Compelling – Convenient – Critical – Dependable – Easy/Easily – Ensure – Exciting – Free – Fun – Guarantee/Guaranteed – Health/Healthy – How-To – Improve/Improved – Instant/Instantly – Love – Money – More – New – Now – Personalized – Power/Powerful- Private – Proven – Quality – Quick/Quickly – Results – Safe/Safely – Save – Secrets – Secure – Shocked/Shocking – Simple – Solution – Step-by-Step – Strong – Top – Uncover – Unique – Unleashed – Unlimited – Unlock – Winning – Yes – You/Your

Okay, here’s your assignment today, using the power words list practice writing a few marketing messages. You’ll want to use them as titles of your blog articles and messages you share on social media. Also, try to keep them at 140 characters so that they’re easy to Tweet!

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