How to Use LinkedIn to Make More Sales

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Click here to Take the LinkedIn Challenge!

Are you on LinkedIn? Do you realize the value of your network? Are you leveraging it? If you’re leveraging it – are you doing it properly?

So many times our efforts at creating business and contacts are sloppy and not well thought out. We want a large result – but the effort we put in is small.

Recently, as I was going over my plans for 2014 one of the things I vowed to do is be better at leveraging resources I already have. I have a huge network of people in my LinkedIn – most of which I have never had a conversation with.

What about you?

LinkedIn Can Expand Your Network and Bring You Sales

linkedinI’m willing to bet my house that there are opportunities that are completely untapped in your LinkedIn network. What do you think about that?

I decided that I would include my followers and subscribers in this challenge - The LinkedIn Challenge.

So  many times people tell me they would be better about leveraging LinkedIn but they really don’t know how. They don’t know how to approach people.

Guess what?

I have written a step-by-step EBook for you complete with sample approaches. This guide tells you EXACTLY what to do.

Now, I want you to know that this is about creating real value for the people you reach out to. I’m not an advocate for blanket marketing. I don’t want you to just contact people – I want you to connect with them in a way that is real, genuine, and makes you stand out from the crowd.

I have set up an entire Take the LinkedIn Challenge Campaign!

You can visit this page on my website and there you can download the EBook for FREE. Click here to go to the LinkedIn Challenge page.

Please share the page if you will with co-workers and friends – anyone that you think could be using LinkedIn better.

I have set up a hashtag for the challenge and will be giving updates at #PMELinkedIn

Click here to follow me on Twitter.

I will be sharing my success as well in the Challenge.

I hope you will take the challenge with me! I promise it will be worth it! Go into 2014 with more connections and greater knowledge on how to leverage one of the most powerful marketing tools of ALL TIME!


P.S. If YOU are a part of my LinkedIn network you’ll be hearing from me sometime soon! :-)

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How to Create Targeted Website Traffic

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Your blog is an amazing tool to help you get clients and grow your business. The trick is you really need to have a strategy, a plan, and you need to stay within that structure. You must commit to it for the long haul and you WILL see results. If you only need to rank locally great for you! However, ranking nationally or internationally (like me) is a bit more a challenge. Let’s face it the Internet is very crowded – that’s one fact that will NEVER change as it will only grow. That’s why you have to be smart in your efforts.


Search engine optimization (commonly referred to as SEO) is the process of building a structure (your website) internally but also doing things externally (marketing) to bring traffic into your blog. Think of it like this, if you want the search engines like Google for example to find you – well you’re going to have to help them out and give them directions on how to find you. Without the proper structure in place you’re literally invisible to the search engines.


One thing I want you to make sure you understand is that Google caters completely to the searcher. The searcher asks for information on a particular subject and Google wants to return to them what it thinks is the most relevant and popular information. This is Google’s (or any other search engine) purpose.

How Do I Create Targeted Website Traffic?

Create Targeted Website TrafficFirst off I hope that you watched the video up top first before reading this! I’m much better at explaining things via video than I am at writing them. However I will give it a good whirl!

To get great traffic to your website you will need a keyword strategy. What the heck is a keyword strategy you say? LOL.. Okay a keyword strategy is a word or short sentence (phrase) that explains what you do or sell. Let’s go back and consider the searcher. If they’re looking for what you do or sell what would they type in to the search field? Whatever the information is that you know they would type in if they were looking for you those words and phrases need to be in the structure (internally and externally) of your website.

Remember in E.T the Extra-Terrestrial when Elliot laid down Reeses Pieces to get E.T. to follow him? Consider it like that. :-) You need to give the search engines some Reese Pieces if you want them to send you traffic.

How to Choose a Keyword Phrase or Strategy

The first step in determining a great keyword strategy has nothing to do with keywords, but more about the structure of your entire business. You need to consider your niche.

Step 1. Niche 

What is your unique mastery or niche? What special thing do you do? What special target audience are you looking for? The reason why a niche is so crucial is because you need to be very clear and specific about what it is that you do otherwise it will be too hard to rank. Additionally, it’s hard enough to rank for one thing as it is – do you really want to try to rank for 10 different things? Also if you’re going to attempt to rank you need to have page one as your goal because 9 out of 10 people don’t have the patience to past page 1 before they settle on a result.

Step 2. Do the Research

You have to consider one very crucial element before deciding what your keywords. What are people actually looking for? You would be very surprised how many people NEVER consider this. Choosing keywords is not like ordering french fries, you don’t just “decide” what they are. You have to find out what people are looking for first THEN you decide. Obviously your keyword strategy has to be in the parameter of what you do but what you want to find out is how people ask for the information. Remember the search engine caters to the searcher.

Here are two tools that I use in my business, one is the Google Keyword Tool, and the other is Keyword Spy. (Don’t get too comfortable with the Google Keyword Tool because they claim it’s going away soon.) What you can do with either of these tools is type in phrases that would explain what you do and see how people type it in. You want to see what has a good search volume. Now largest search is not always better because you still have to consider competition. If I chose a keyword phrase that had 6 million searches for example, I wouldn’t be too jazzed about that being in my search strategy because it would just be too hard to land on page one in a search of that volume. Now on the other hand, if you see that nobody is searching for how you’re wording something then that should be a huge red flag to you.

It’s ideal to start out with choosing about 5 or so very solid keyword phrases and incorporate those into your blog posts consistently. You’ll want to commit to those phrases until you rank for them which by the way it’s not unheard of to take up to 6 months (or longer) to rank for one phrase at a rate of putting out new content (blog posts) twice per week. 

Step 3. Stay Inside the Structure

The idea is to write often and include your keyword phrases. If you are constantly putting out fresh content on a certain topic the search engine thinks “hmmm, this person writes about this specific topic quite a bit, they must be an expert at it, so they should rank for it”. Get it? This is why people that just blog once a month or almost never find it hard to rank. So the idea is to stay in the structure and be consistent so that the search engines can learn what it is that you talk about and allow you to rank for it. Search engines don’t do bootie calls, so just doing it once or twice isn’t going to cut it.

Here are two other tools that are crucial and most people don’t give them the consideration they deserve. These two tools are HUGE in your search engine strategy.

1. Categories – There is a place for categories in your WordPress framework and you want to use them every time you blog. The biggest mistake I see people make in their categories is having a ton of random ones. You should NOT have too many. Whatever your keyword phrases are they should be your categories as well. So you should only have 6 or so categories. Yes, that’s all!

Here’s the trick (pay attention): Now remember you’re going to have 6 or so categories right that you write about for one niche. But here’s the thing – every single time you blog use all 6 categories. Use them over and over. Guess what? You can rank for categories too. So if you’re using them every single time then you will rank faster. I actually rank for categories before my posts rank for a certain keyword phrase.

2. Tags – Your tags are very important and I don’t see enough people use them correctly. You should tag every single post with its category. I want you to consider your tags as a map for your visitor. They can come to your blog and click on one of your tags and up will pop every post that you have written about that topic.

If your blog is well-written, organized, easy to navigate and friendly to your searcher guess what? They are going to bookmark you, perhaps subscribe and visit you again! 

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Get Clients and Increase Profitability

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get clientsHaving graduated (Magna Cum Laude) from the School of Entrepreneurial Hardknocks University, I’ve learned quite a few things the hard way.

To Get All the Clients You Need – Here’s What You Must Do

One thing I now know, especially given doing business in a post-recession environment, the smart entrepreneur re-evaluates their situation constantly.

Perhaps I should say the profitable entrepreneur re-evaluates their situation constantly.

I completely flipped my business model in October of 2012. I was scared to death!

Here’s what I had in my favor:

  • I knew exactly what I wanted to do
  • I knew exactly how I was going to do it
  • I knew exactly how much money I wanted to earn doing it

 I created a business by design.

As a result of having zero gray area and knowing exactly what I wanted – and of course what-not-to-do. I was profitable close to immediately.

When You Get the Clients You Need Make Adjustments

Recently however something interesting happened. I started to feel more weight. I realized it was because the business has grown outside of my expectations in such a short time frame than was planned.

So now it’s time to re-evaluate.

Processes and procedures must be updated that carries the weight of a larger business. I pride myself on top-notch service and quality expertise, which can easily be jeopardized if the right steps and precautions aren’t taken.

A few clients that weren’t ideal have been let go. These are the decisions you get to make when you have the freedom of creating a business by design. You have to be willing to take these types of steps if you want to create a profitable and thriving business.

It takes an investment of time and it can be painful when you are in a place of re-evaluating and updating.  However, to increase profitability these steps must be taken.

If you aren’t getting where you want to be in your business perhaps it’s time for a tune up? Do you have your finger on the pulse of your business? Do you have a path determined? A plan to get there?

Take time out from day-to-day stuff and answer these questions. The investment will pay you back 10-fold – I personally guarantee it!

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You’re Not Making Money Because……

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how to be profitableThere are tons of people that want to own their own business and escape corporate America. However, there are very few that want to make money at it. If you’re surprised by that statement you need to consider the fact that wanting and doing are two very different things.

What Effort Are You Really Putting In?

In order to have profitability in your business in this day and time you have to be effective, you have to be very open to change, and you have to take some risks. 

  • You can’t be satisfied with the website that Uncle Bill built you for $200. Instead you need to design a website that attracts clients, is tuned up for the Internet, and creates leads. 
  • You have to carve out a really good niche for yourself that has enough opportunity in the marketplace to sustain you.
  • You have to learn how to market your business in the new economy
  • You will need to have a very cohesive plan on how you are going to structure your sales efforts, get clients, and grow your business.
  • You will need to spend more time in action mode than in passive mode. 
  • You have to create the actions that equals your expectations. In other words you can’t put in a little effort and expect to pull out a lot of profit. It doesn’t work that way. Not anymore at least.

Do the Real Math

So many wantrepreneurs go out and open lines of credit and max out all their credit cards and never really pay attention to the real profitability of the business. They have diluted themselves into believing that they actually own a business when really all they own is a big black hole.

Instead of using that line of credit to purchase things that will grow their business like coaching, training, or great marketing tools like a professional website, they are using their credit cards just to pay their bills and while the debt mounts – nothing really changes. 

I guess this approach is easier – but what happens when the credit lines run out?

Don’t Be the Ant in the Sink!

Did you know that when an ant falls in a sink of water it will do nothing to try to get out. It will just float there until it dies. The thing is it can actually live for a few days before it will eventually drown. So despite the fact that it’s demise is certain, it will get to live for a few more days.

This is how most entrepreneurs that use credit run their businesses. So when the credit finally runs out they drown. I will never understand this.

It doesn’t have to be this way! Face the way things really are. Figure out how much money your business really makes then figure out a strategy to get to where you actually want to be. Make better decisions! Don’t hide from reality! Plummet into action and take control of your business. Don’t let things happen TO YOU – instead make things happen!


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To Get Clients – Talk Their Language

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get clientsTo get clients you have to listen to what they need and talk their language.

A mere few years ago the average attention span of an adult was 13 minutes. It’s now 9 seconds.

Needless to say, nowadays we have many obstacles when it comes to creating a successful business.  Knowing how to communicate effectively in a world of very loud chatter is crucial. How will you stand out? How will you get your prospects attention?

You listen. That’s how you’re effective in today’s world – you listen to your ideal client and let them tell you what they need.

Successful Entrepreneurs Take Action

When you see that something isn’t working – IMMEDIATELY address it.  If you don’t immediately address something that isn’t working in your business you lose income. You lose opportunities.

Many entrepreneurs I see are far too passive in their businesses – they wait to see what happens. They read tons of information they never execute. They let their competitors take opportunities away.

Recently, I wrote what in my humble opinion is one of the best eBooks I have ever written. In this eBook I disclosed the proprietary 10-step system I use in my own business with my private clients. Let me say, it’s great information! The book was called 10 Steps to the Business of Your Dreams – which I felt was very appropriate since this strategy gave me the business of my dreams.

Well here’s the thing…. I got it all loaded up and then put out the proper signals that let people know I had a new eBook to download. After couple of days it was probably downloaded 7 or 8 times. Just so you know that number is very low.

Strategically Come Up With a Solution

So on the third day I knew we had a problem, I had named the book incorrectly. The product was great I knew that – I had to take action. What to name the eBook? Here’s what I did – I went back through all  my top email newsletters that had very high opens, I also looked back through my most popular articles. I found a common denominator in my readership – articles that contained the word profitability.

Just so happens the eBook was infact a guide to profitability for entrepreneurs, so I changed it to 10 Steps to Profitability. The title was still true and served the book well.

After 1 hour of the book being uploaded and then sending out the signals within one hour it was downloaded 27 times.

So the marketing lessons here are:

  • Know your marketing well enough to KNOW what to expect as a result from something you promote so you know when it isn’t working.
  • Learn how to reach your target market. Put in the time it takes through trial and error.
  • Market to your audience often so you have receive the data that tells you what they respond to.
  • When you see something isn’t working – take action immediately to correct it and make it work. Waiting costs money.

When you put effort into marketing and you don’t get the results you wanted, what do you do about it?


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