To Get More Clients – Clarify Your Marketing Message

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To get more clients it will take a strategic marketing effort. A large part of that effort is simply one thing – being very clear about what it is you do- and whom you do it for. What is your market niche?

To Get More Clients You Must Be Heard

get more clientsMarketing and attracting clients is a very tough job. Especially now in our very noisy world. People have information thrown at them left and right, if you want to get their attention you are going to have to somehow standout among the noise. To get more clients, you are going to have to set yourself apart.

Marketing is much easier when you can focus in on a client profile (market niche) and even closer an industry. Learn what it is that client profile needs and how you fit into that picture. Then when it comes to attracting clients you simply need to create compelling content that meets their interests and solves their problems. This puts you in a position to become an expert. Your ideal client is much more likely to trust you, if you are a well known expert for your craft.

To Get More Clients You Have To Get Very Specific

get more clientsOnce you get really specific about what you do and you articulate that in your marketing messages, your market niche will identify themselves. They will see themselves in your marketing messages and then reach out to you!

Don’t focus on the processes of what you do. Newsflash – nobody gives a crap about processes. What they care about is the benefit. What is the benefit to them of doing business with you?

Here is my compelling marketing message just as an example:

I teach entrepreneurs how to find their market niche, get more clients, and grow their business.

Can you get much clearer than that? It’s simple, straight to the point, it lets you know exactly what I do and what that means to you.

You Will Get More Clients Because They Will Sell Themselves

When you make it crystal clear what you do and your market niche doesn’t have to think about it to understand it – that’s when you will start to get more clients.

Get out a piece of paper and start practicing your compelling marketing message. Get very clear about what it is that you do. Don’t make your ideal client work for it! That’s your job!

When you fully understand this process and start marketing your business this way – you will soon be attracting all the clients you need!

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