10 Steps to a 6 or 7 figure Home Based Business

My 10-Steps to a Profitable Home Business

(Step-by-step so you can have the same success!)

It's my passion and my purpose to help entrepreneurs learn simple marketing tactics that gives them the power to be in charge of their own lives and create the business of their dreams!

Tammy Hawk-Bridges

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My Entrepreneur Story

Let me tell you what inspired me to create the 10-Steps.

Take A Glimpse Inside The Book

4 Important Tips You’ll Learn

  1. Step by step I point out for you the determinations in figure out your exact "ideal client" profile. This is how you can put your marketing on steroids! Allowing you to super-hyper focus and become an expert to a specific target market.
  2. How to position your business for ultimate profitability. In this chapter I point out many things that most entrepreneurs starting out NEVER even consider.
  3. A web strategy is crucial in today's world. Just doing holler-outs on Facebook is not a web strategy. I will reveal each piece that needs to be in place - special focus is on building your client list for optimal profitability.
  4. The money's in the plan! At the end you will put your plan or YOUR Perfect Marketing Equation into place. Step-by-step I have given you the guidelines to put your winning plan together!

About Me

I came from corporate America, as many entrepreneurs have post recession. I have a background as a high level sales executive, primarily in the advertising and marketing industry. I got booted from a career that I devoted a large portion of my professional life to, and loved. After that incident I decided that I was uncomfortable allowing someone else to have that much power over my life. I wanted that power to be my own. So I left the cubicle world.

My first attempt at entrepreneurship failed, sort of. I say sort of because is it really a failure if it leads you to the next step on your path to your true destination? Needless to say however, that first business didn’t work out. I used the skills in that business to transition to another business that did wonderfully. However, the yearning feeling inside was still there, that told me even though the business was successful it wasn’t my “true calling”. A few years go by and my true purpose reveals itself. That is when I created the Perfect Marketing Equation.

It's been a rocky road but I wouldn't trade it for anything. I'm using my experiences to help YOU become the entrepreneur that you want to be.

Subscribe to get the 10-Steps
E-Book absolutely FREE!

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