Growing a Business


One of the most common questions I get asked is How Can I Grow My Business? So many people may think that it's tough to start a business and I'm here to tell you I agree. But you know what's harder than that? The step that comes after - growing. Growing a business is really tough! It's easier to start the climb. You have no where to go but up! It's sort of like a relationship that's brand new, Continue Reading

Action Not Perfection


My husband, whom I love to the moon and back, is parking impaired. He's always in search of the perfect parking spot. I want to add that this annoys me completely, and with every lap around the shopping center parking lot I'm holding my breath. I'll be saying things like, "I could already be checking out by now." That's usually followed up with, "You need some exercise anyway." This past Continue Reading

How Social Signals Impact SEO


SEO or Search Engine Optimization impacts just about everyone's business whether you want to acknowledge it or not. If you have a piece of real estate on the Internet hopefully you intend for potential customers to visit you there. Social media has changed the face of business. It has made very large brands accessible to anyone (for better or worse). Get ticked off at Verizon because your Continue Reading

Grow Your Business Using Systems


Some people will say that getting a business off the ground is hard. Of course it's hard! I've done it! But you know what's even harder? The part that comes next - growth. When you start out you have no where to go but up, but once you've made a climb, it's possible you're tired or even burnt out. You have to work long hours in the beginning, perhaps if you did the math even making less money Continue Reading

Entrepreneur Education – Be the Maestro


Today marks a very special day for me. Five years ago I made the very scary decision to leave corporate America. I would love to say that I've never looked back but that would be a lie. The first year was AWFUL, the second year was very hard, but finally in the third year I started to see light in the tunnel. I love this quote as it pretty much sums it up for me - "When it is dark enough - Continue Reading